I'm a fruit eating, smoothie drinking girl dating a steak and burger loving guy. Of course SHU loves me too, but I can't say we haven't argued over what to eat on countless occasions. I think deciding on what to eat is often a common struggle for the usual couple or family, but can present even greater challenges for people with mixed dietary preferences. Multivore. That's my favorite term that I found through Google when looking for a single word that encompasses the differences in diets within households.

I'm the one with the most interest in cooking out of the two of us. SHU, being the thoughtful boyfriend he is, will occasionally cook a special meal for me that's even vegetarian. But I'd still consider him more of a connoisseur than a chef. And so, it's my unspoken duty (and hobby) to imagine and create our daily meals. We are both working professionals so after working, commuting, and taking care of our two "children", I'm usually not begging to prep and cook an extravagant meal. I'm in love with quick and easy meals during weeknights and dive into more complex dishes on the weekends. Over the years, we've found our happy medium in cooking thro ugh easy substitutions in recipes to satisfy both of our cravings.

Eating out? I'm a Yelp addict who loves the thrill of discovering new restaurants that suits the both of us. I'm always on the look out for menus with both delicious and creative meat and non-meat options, because who wants to eat a plain old salad with nothing on it all the time?

Whether it's going out or staying in, we always have an appetite for delicious food. Follow our lives through this appetite diary for recipe ideas, restaurants, and other fun!